A downloadable game for Windows

You wake up late Christmas Eve night, just wondering when Santa will arrive. Into the night, he arrives. . .


Please note that this first release shouldn't be taken seriously, as there's few exceptional, and lengthy moments in game.

Game is currently in progress, and any part of gameplay might change completely upon future releases.


Updated version will be released by 12/22/18

Install instructions

Extract to a directory, double click the .exe, and play.


Build1_ChristmasHorror.zip 112 MB

Development log


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Interesting. Think it has a way to go but I like it so far. Like Reimagine Games, I liked the cut scene things. 

Since you asked for feedback :)
-Feel like the cut scenes could "fit" a little better but not sure how. Just a little jarring.
-The camera needs to be adjusted so squatting doesn't cut through the floor (unless that just happened on my system)
-Shift and ctrl should probably be swapped. shift squats and ctrl runs which is opposite to almost every pc game out there.
-keep on developing! And have fun with it!

I don't know what happened at 1:24 when the camera flipped, but it worked out anyways. Thanks for your feedback! I took a break from working on this simply because I ran out of ideas, but your suggestions help. I kinda want to finish this before Christmas, so I might work on this a lot this week.

you're welcome. Glad it helped.

Happy coding!

I like your use of "cut scenes".  Hopefully I can improve my game with some cut scenes.

If you're using Unity,  you can use CPC (Camera Path Creator), or Surge on the Asset Store.


I tested this out today!! Check out my video on YouTube!

Cute? Well I suppose, I haven't had the time to do much with school and all, but by next week, there will be more progress and fixes. The beginning scene was the most intended to be cute / calm-ish (minor suspense). Anyways, glad you played and made a vid!

Cute in a good way!